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Gocardless | Purple Elephant Window Cleaning Services


GoCardless Information

 GoCardless, the UK’s leading contact less provider. In order to make things easier for our customers and to avoid having to disturb you with evening cash collections, Purple Elephant Window Cleaning Services have made the decision to offer this simple payment option for our customers. We also encourage all our existing customers to take advantage of the automated service via GoCardless.

Find out more about GoCardless at www.gocardless.com/about

To set up payments We will email you a link, it takes two minutes to complete then with a prior email notification each window clean payment will be collected within 3-5 days. You do not have to manually input a payment ever again after the initial sign up is done.

Windows are cleaned once every month or every two months, the first clean is payable by Cash or Card at the time All subsequent cleans are payable using our Gocardless direct debit system. We will send a link to you, so you may set this up, it takes two minutes.

Gocardless is a company which was founded in 2011, with a global focus on allowing customers and companies to set up recurring direct debits that suit us both. Specifically, for window cleaning, the advantages are clear, you have a multinational company who collects the payments, and importantly only after the job has been done each month! Gocardless works with many companies such as Thomas Cook and Virgin, in fact Thomas Cook were recently using gocardless to allow customers to pay up holiday bookings


Yes, on many levels. As a direct debit, you have guarantees in place by law, gocardless is a direct debit scheme. One which guarantee not everyone knows about is that on the small print of all direct debit guarantees it says “The direct debit guarantee protects customers from payments taken in error. In the case of an incorrect or fraudulent payment, the payer is entitled to a full and immediate refund from their bank”. We personally have 100s of customers using gocardless, and because all customers receive a notification before any money can be taken by gocardless there is never an issue. Gocardless have a great reputation and are a growing company.